I am a Type 5 and I would like to get a density in a single sitting akin to what my density was in my youth. I am 36 now.
My picture of youth is attached. I spoke to another clinic in Delhi and they said they can easily replicate this hairline. Can you guarantee I will get this density?
I have got an FUT strip surgery procedure with a scar 9 years back. My picture is attached. Now I want the crown covered. I read from the website that you do only FUE.
I would like to ask which procedure will yield more grafts and good results?
What can I do to confirm that the 'before and after' pictures posted on a clinic's website are their own?
This commercial company that did my disastrous hair transplant did not have any doctor that saw me before, during or after the procedure.
It was a technician run company and I now feel cheated. What can I do to get my money back?
I stopped Tab Propecia 6 months after the hair transplant as advised by you. I have hair shedding which is serious and I am concerned as I write to you. Please advise.
I'm experiencing hair loss in an area that has become itchy in the last 4-5 weeks with dandruff, I have been using Minoxidil
In this area, and noticing less density and itchiness within the area , is this hair loss typical based on symptoms and can I expect regrowth?
Many celebrities among Hollywood, Bollywood are bald some are more and some are less. Amongst them barely 1% have opted hair transplant surgery and approximately 9% have opted for non-surgical methods. The remaining 90% have not opted for either of the 2 options. Why?
Is it required to apply oil after 6 weeks? If yes, can I apply organic coconut oil every day after shower?
A patient was scheduled for a hair transplant at a famous clinic in India.

On the day of the procedure, contrary to what was told to him by the doctor, he discovered that the doctor had no role to play in the procedure except the slit making.

He objected.

What course of action is available to him?

I am 26 years old of Arab descent. My hair's begun to fall since I was 22 and it's worsened when I reached 25. I currently take no medications.
What I hope to get from this procedure is lowering my hairline as much as possible and filling in the temples to look in line with my hairline and with density, so I can have my hair combed up without being embarrassed with my naturally wide and big forehead and receding hairline.

I have attached a picture of a model to show how ideally I wish my hairline and temples to be.
This is my main goal that I wish to achieve from the procedure, but if possible, I am also interested in adding more hair to my thinning mid-scalp and crown area even with non-surgical procedures.

Its been 12 months now after the procedure but I notice that my planted hair are falling in large numbers.
As compared to other clinics in India, your cost is higher. What is the reason?
I want to know that if I get a hair transplant done and after the result sets in, with wet hair will I be able to see skin through the transplanted hair?
Will PRP help to reduce the transection rate?
I would like to put beard grafts in the crown so I have more density here. What is your opinion about use of beard grafts for the crown baldness?
I underwent an FUT procedure at a clinic in USA some 8 years ago. I was 23 years old then. However, over these years my balding has become severe and now it has come to such a pass that my FUT strip scar has started to show and looks very prominent.

I have people staring at me all the time which is disquieting to me. Kindly advise how best you can vover the scar on both sides, dimensions of which have been measured and marked in the attached picture. Thank you for your help.

I got an FUT procedure at another clinic one year back. The transplanted hair grew with good density till 6-9 months and after that they all fell off. What could be the reason? Picture of scalp donor is attached.
Do you recommend doing PRP during FUE procedure?
I don't have very good donor area so I am looking for a quote for a body hair transplant. I am a Norwood 4a and I'm looking for as many grafts as possible from my beard and chest to my head.
Can you do this and how much does it cost for 5000 grafts from 1000 body hair grafts and 4000 beard and chest hairs... (all fue)

With over 5000 FUE hair transplant Clinics in India alone, how do we rank clinics?
I am 24 years old. My hair loss was triggered by a 12 week cycle of anabolic steroids I (foolishly) did 5 years ago while competing in powerlifting. As far as I can tell, there has been no further hair loss since then. Am I a good candidate?
I want to change the angle of about 100 grafts because they look weird after a former hair transplant, is it possible? does it leave a scar?
Every other clinic in India has said I am a good candidate at 21 years of age. Why can you not do the transplant?
Do you make the same hairline design in every person?

I am 18 years old and want a hair transplant. Will you help?
Most clinics in Turkey and even India hire fly by night technicians for harvesting and planting. In fact in most cases the doctor is only suprvising. What do you have to say about this delegation of surgery in hair transplantation?
Is there any preparation like Blood tests etc. ?
Obviously it is a challenge because you can only go by what you see in my photos, however I want to know if this procedure would improve my density and not make it worse by having permanent shock loss in my donor and recipient areas.
I guess my biggest concern is coming out worse off than I am now. I hope you understand why i need some reassurance before i take this major step. My concerns are mainly of how natural can you make my hairline, density behind hairline and crown, and how well you can locate and plant in a effective spot so that the new strong hair can act as coverage for the weaker ones in the future without destroying my existing hairs.
On the forums I know there are people who may be quick to talk bad about your procedures and obviously there are plenty of good ones, but I hope you understand why a patient will always think about the bad ones as there is always a chance it could be them which is why i want to learn more about people with similar hair types to me.
Which procedure would you recommend? FUT or FUE? I have heard FUT is a better procedure. Many doctors have told me so.
If one has to travel after the hair transplant, how long do you recommend they stay in Chandigarh, India?
What is the benefit of doing a PRP procedure alongwith the hair transplant?
I have read that the Neograft / ARTASRobot is the best for FUE?
I would like to get a hair transplant of density like the hair piece I am wearing. Nothing less will make me happy. Is this possible?

I can see from hairrestorationnetwork.com a lot of Dr Bhatti's work which is very impressive, but there are also occasional cases I have seen where the grafts are not densely packed at all, and where patients seems disappointed about this.

Are you able to explain why the density is low?

This is really the only concern I have as I want to have high density. I'm just curious as the reasoning behind placing the grafts like this as I do not want to have subsequent transplants in the near future.

My little research also concluded that FUT grafts are way more healthier than FUE.
Besides my other pictures I have attached a picture of the donor area. Can you tell me if I am a good candidate?
I have a history of keloid formation. Can I consider an FUE hair transplant?
I am happy with the crown area result but the density is not like the hairline you gave me. I would not like to add more density to the crown to match the hairline you made. Please advise.
Can you advise me on which costing package you think would fit me best- Premium or Standard?
Is there a direct flight to Chandigarh or do I have to buy tickets to Delhi?
understand extracting the donor hairs takes time in FUE procedure, so will it be a possible to have 4000-4500 grafts you have suggested to be done in a single day? Or will it require 2 back to back days to get this done?
I have this huge bald area in the crown. There are thin hair there too but it all looks plain bald. After the procedure will I suffer shock loss of these wispy thin hair?
Doctor, I already have had one FUT procedure done. My previous doctor has examined me and said I can go for another FUT procedure. But I am exploring FUE this time.
Can I come in for the procedure the same day from another city?
I am a 35 year old African American man from Connecticut. I have been advised that I will require 3500 scalp grafts for my level of balding. Is FUT better for African races? What do you suggest?
Doctor, I hope the medicines I am taking do not have side effects?
Doctor, I have suddenly within 30 days developed a bald patch in the crown. Can this happen, and what could be the reason?
What is the maximum density Bhatti can achieve per centimeter?
Are there any other hair loss treatments that are efffective besides finasteride minoxidil and laser comb ?
I'm fair skinned and have noticeably scarring from a previous fue operation when I even have my hair at 1.5mm. Could this be the way my skin heals or reacts to the operation?
When people talk about FUE scarring, is it actual scar tissue or simply like that because the follicle is missing from that spot?
To begin with, you are the first doctor to say that I only need 1500 grafts to cover the balding area. The minimum I've been evaluated with was 2000 grafts, to the extend of 3000 grafts or slightly more. How so?
Can I shave my hair and come for the proecdure?
A hair transplant company told me they do DHT. They said their Out of Body Time for Grafts is only 5 minutes as compared to yours which they said is 3 hours! Is this true? Is their technique better?
The other doctor told me only 1000 FUE grafts can be harvested in a day for good growth! Why did he say so??
What is the survival rate of body grafts?
Doctor, I wish an ARTAS Robotic hair transplant only. Do you do robotic hair transplant?
Do you charge for in person consultations?
Given the fact that I have salt and pepper hair, should I color the hair and come?
Do all hair transplants leave scars?
When you say hair falls out does that mean the grafts fall out too ?
Why not a woolen cap till 5 months after a procedure?
Does the “STEM CELLS” injection help in getting my hair back?
Doctor, why do you charge INR 99 per graft when in your country centers even charge INR 15 / 20/ 25/ 30/ 45/ 50/ 60 per graft?
Placing beard grafts in the hairline- will it not give an unnatural appearance?
How many grafts can one expect to be available from the safe zone of the scalp donor area during a lifetime?
Doctor my crusts are not separating even on Day 15. What do I do?
Why is the crown still looking somewhat bare while the hairline is very dense after the procedure?
How many grafts can be harvested through your “no shave” technique?
Do I need to treat my transplanted hair any differently?
How much time does Dr. Bhatti spend doing the procedure himself?
If one’s hair transplant procedure was done via FUT method and now wants to undergo a second hair transplant after how long do you need to wait and which method is preferable?
Does every FUE transplant cause some white scar spots on the back of the head in the donor area? Would it help to choose manual over motor?
Do you give warranty of Hair Transplant?
My employment allows me, only 2 - 3 weeks of leave at a stretch. Would this be sufficient for consultations, pre-surgery requisites, post-surgery requisites and healing?
Post-surgery, how does one take care of further hair-loss of natural hair? I have tried various medicines earlier which has yielded very little results.
Does hot and humid climate conditions of the country affect the result of HT. what measures are advised to maximize HT results?
I sweat a lot around my scalp area when-
a. Wearing a cap/helmet (even in Bangalore)
b. When there is lack of cool air at the place.
c. While taking meals (Even in a decently air conditioned environment)
Does any of the above reasons, make me a non-candidate for HT or diminish HT results?
How is it that transplanted hair remains permanently on the same area, which couldn’t retain the natural hair? Is there any extreme possibility of losing the transplanted hair?
Read in a hair forum that “Manual FUE indeed has higher successful rate than motorized”…. what’s your comment on this, would you know what is your survival rate in percentage for your motorized grafts.
Are the hair transplant results permanent?
How do I know if I am a candidate for hair transplantation?


Dr. Tejinder Bhatti