Cost of FUE Hair Transplant in India

What package best suites your budget?

Premium package:

  1. INR 99 for scalp grafts and INR 179 for body grafts.
  2. 85% work by Dr Bhatti (100% counseling , 100% anesthesia administration, 100% harvesting,100% slit making)
  3. New imported Harris punch used
  4. No lab charges/ Post care kit charges
  5. Free pick and drop while in Chandigarh
  6. No extra fee for “no shave” technique (ideal for those needing lesser than 2000 scalp grafts)

Standard package:

  1. INR 89 for scalp grafts and INR 169 for body grafts.
  2. 85% work by Dr Bhatti (100% counseling, 100% anesthesia administration, 100% harvesting,100% slit making)
  3. Used Harris punch (however it is sterilised as other instruments also are)
  4. Post- procedure care kit cost and standard lab test charges – INR 5600
  5. Car pick up and drop in Chandigarh @ INR 27 per Km
  6. “No shave” technique : INR 20,000 shall be charged extra

*International credit cards are charged a surcharge of 2.5 % by Indian Banks. *12.36% service tax extra (applicable to hair transplants since September 2009) *Payments by cheques/ checks are NOT accepted (traveler’s cheques/checks are accepted except Canadian traveler’s checks).

Online transfers are accepted 2 weeks in advance only and the money should be in the bank before commencement of the procedure. International online transfers to Indian accounts sometimes take 3 weeks to get to our bank due to banking processes in India while dealing with foreign funds. While using such modes of payment, please ensure the money is with our Bank before the procedure. *Please reach one evening prior to the day of your procedure for threefold reasons as under- (a) Counseling with Dr Bhatti so you have an entire evening to think over the doctor’s advice and can better make an informed decision.Click pics of your hairline with your cell phone and think over it overnight. (b) Medications need to be taken an evening before. (c) Blood tests. (d) Settlement of advance amount received and if paying by card to see if it works while in India.

**Payments shall be made in advance before the procedure starts.

*INR 30,000 as advance to book procedure.

*An extra Rs 30,000 advance amount shall be charged as security when a client availing standard package requires and agrees to a 2-day procedure. (Total in such cases INR 60,000/-)

* PRP treatment shall cost an additional INR 40,000 taxes extra. For this the patient shall need to come an evening prior.

*Extra miscellaneous costs that may be incurred on extra lab tests, ECG, anesthetist in attendance, etc. shall be charged extra for standard package only. Why clients come to Darling Buds, India? You have done enough research and would know that Hair transplant cost in countries like USA, Brazil, Canada, UK, Bahrain, Dubai, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and European countries like France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany ranges from USD 6,000- 22,000. With the downswing in economy, it has become difficult for the average client to afford a hair transplant at such costs in most countries. For the past 5 years, hair transplant services at the very best centers in India have become a force to reckon with as far as quality of care and results and pricing structure are concerned. Due to these reasons, clients suffering from hair loss are increasingly looking Eastwards for their hair transplant. This great demand has spurred the number of transplant procedures being done at Darling Buds. What are the reasons for this Boom? Read on-

  1. Doctors from India have long been considered in the UK, USA, Canada , Australia and NZ as very skilled. Every family in these countries has at one time or the other been treated by an Indian family physician or they have been treated by a specialist of Indian origin in a larger hospital. India is known the world over for its compassionate doctors, caring nurses and quality care.
  2. In the past few years, Top Indian centers like Darling Buds are recognized as favored destinations for those considering medical travel overseas for hair transplant.
  3. Still rates in India for hair transplant are the most competitive in the world. Almost ‘A Dollar and 70 cents a Graft’ at Darling Buds is the longest a dollar can be stretched!
  4. ‘Big Mac’, from NZ, and a client at “Darling Buds” wrote this in the testimonial book- “I love India for hair transplant because- I got an Indian doctor with US training and standards of care, at Chinese rates!” This says it all!
  5. The cost of Hair Transplant in India is on average a dollar and 50 cents at reputed centers in India. For this tame price you get a world renowned and experienced doctor who will give you results which compare with the best centers in USA.

Should cost be the only reason to choose your Doctor?

No, cost may not reflect the competence of a hair transplant center when trying to locate a doctor in India on the world wide web. The following need to be taken into account-

  1. Read the “About Us” page carefully – Credentials never lie! Whatever a doctor may post on his profile, he cannot write fake information on his “About Us” page. Read about the doctor’s credentials- not only on his website but also Google his name and see the results. Choosing the right plastic surgeon is 75% of decision making when traveling abroad for a hair transplant.
  2. Visit Hair Forums like -

  1. Is your doctor accredited by the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons) www.ishrs.organd has he been attending the Meetings each year to update his knowledge. If he is not, is he happy to give you the skills that may be outdated? Ask him if he regularly presents his work at the ISHRS for the purpose of peer review?
  2. Do the technicians of the doctor have a high attrition rate?
  3. Does the doctor hesitate in showing photographs of his center and the facilities offered?
  4. Ask for travel advice and arrangements for stay. The best centers will take care of you from the time you land in the country till your flight departs back home.
  5. Call the doctor’s office and request to speak to him personally to clarify all the above points. Get all this in writing from him through e-mail before committing your procedure..
  6. h. Lastly, ask yourself- “Am I traveling to India for a Cheap and inexpensive hair transplant or an Affordable and Effective procedure!”

The rates at Darling Buds would perhaps raise your eyebrows and naturally you would suspect the pricing structure associating low price with lower quality and ambivalent final results. However when in India this does not hold true. We are one of the costlier centers in India. The “low cost” at our facility is due to the fact that hiring staff, leasing a facility and cost of equipment and disposables are much cheaper as compared even to countries in Eastern Europe, China and Thailand. We at our center pass on the majority of the savings so made to our clients so that you can make a quicker decision to travel to us in India. We are aware that air travel is expensive and so is 2-3 nights’ stay in India. This is the reason we offer such low rates.

No. of SCALP grafts Standard package (INR 89per graft) Add 12.36% service tax TOTAL COST Premium package (INR 99 per graft) Add 12.36% service tax TOTAL COST
500 44,500 5500.2 50,000.2 49,500 6,118.2 55,618.2
800 71,200 8800.32 80,000.32 79,200 9,789.12 88989.12
1000 89,000 10,947 99,947 99,000 12,236.4 1,11,236.4
1200 1,06,800 13200.48 1,20,000.48 1,18,800 14,683.68 1,33,483.68
1500 1,33,500 16,500.6 1,50,000.6 1,48,500 18,354.6 166,854.6
1800 1,60,200 19,800.72 1,80,000.72 1,78,200 22,025.52 2,00,225.52
2000 1,78,000 22,000.8 2,00,000.8 1,98,000 24,472.8 2,22,472.8
2200 1,95,800 24,200.88 2,20,000.88 2,17,800 26,920.08 2,44,720.08
2500 2,22,500 27,501 2,50,001 2,47,500 30,591 2,78,091
2800 2,49,200 30,801.12 2,80,001.12 2,77,200 34,261.92 3,11,461.92
3000 2,67,000 33,001.2 3,00,001.2 2,97,000 36,709.2 3,33,709.2
3200 2,84,800 35,201.28 3,20,001.28 3,16,800 39,156.48 3,55,956.48
3500 3,11,500 38,501.4 3,50,001.4 3,46,500 42,827.4 3,89,327.4
3800 3,38,200 41,801.52 3,80,001.52 3,76,200 46,498.32 4,22,698.32
4000 3,56,000 44,001.6 4,00,001.6 3,96,000 48,945.6 4,44,945.6
4500 4,00,500 49,501.8 4,50,001.8 4,45,500 55,063.8 5,00,563.8
No. of BODY grafts Standard package (INR 169 per graft) Add 12.36% service tax TOTAL COST Premium package (INR 179 per graft) Add 12.36% service tax TOTAL COST
100 16,900 2,088.84 18,988.84 17,900 2,212.44 20,112.44
200 33,800 4,177.68 37,977.68 35,800 4,424.88 40,224.88
300 50,700 6,266.52 56966.52 53,700 6,637.32 60,337.32
400 67,600 8,355.36 75,955.36 71,600 8,849.76 80,449.76
500 84,500 10,444.2 94,944.2 89,500 11,062.2 1,00,562.2
600 1,01,400 12,33.04 1,13,933.04 1,07,400 13,274.64 1,20,674.64
700 1,18,300 14,621.88 1,32,921.88 1,25,300 15,487.08 1,40,787.08
800 1,35,200 16,710.72 1,51,910.72 1,43,200 17,699.52 1,60,899.52
900 1,52,100 18,799.56 1,70,899.56 1,61,100 19,911.96 1,81,011.96
1000 1,69,000 20,888.4 1,89,888.4 1,79,000 22,124.4 2,01,124.4
1100 1,85,900 22,977.24 2,08,877.24 1,96,900 24,336.84 2,21,236.84
1200 2,02,800 25,066.08 2,27,866.08 2,14,800 26,549.28 2,41,349.28
1300 2,19,700 27,154.92 2,46,854.92 2,32,700 28,761.72 2,61,461.72
1400 2,36,600 29,243.76 2,65,843.76 2,50,600 30,974.16 2,81,574.16
1500 2,53,500 31,332.6 2,84,832.6 2,68,500 33,186.6 3,01,686.6
1600 2,70,400 33,421.44 3,03,821.44 2,86,400 35,399.04 3,21,799.04
Dr. Tejinder Bhatti