Welcome to Hair Transplant Training India

hair transplant training for doctorsDr Alex Ginsburg the founder and pioneer of the FUE technique in the world, inaugurated the FUE training program at Darling Buds. During a day long press briefing and workshop for young doctors seeking to learn the FUE technique, Dr Alex said- I am happy that an accomplished plastic surgeon, Dr Bhatti, is filling the void of effective training in hair transplant technology in India.” Dr Alex Ginsburg spoke to the press, doctors and technicians emphasizing on the advancements of FUE which have made it so popular abroad.

Dr Tejinder Bhatti said- “Hair Transplant Training is difficult to get since the technique ofhair transplant and FUE in particular are closeted techniques. Hair transplant techniques have been so refined the world over and it is so time consuming and money consuming to learn the procedure which takes about 2 years to master and another 5 years

You are Welcome to the Darling Buds Hair Transplant Educational Initiative

plastic surgeonsWith over 15 years of experience in the field of hair transplant surgery, Dr Tejinder Bhatti has trained plastic surgeons, physicians, technicians, etc. in the finer points of the various techniques of hair transplantation. His recent interest is in the need for quality training in the field of state of the art FUE techniques for hair transplantation. With a vast experience in the field, we are proud to offer to doctors seeking training, a 2-day course on hair transplantation training with emphasis on FUE in collaboration with Meditech India.

Our educational initiative aims at fulfilling the training needs in the field of hair transplantation where training programs are rare and not affordable. The Darling Buds educational program aims at enhancing skills and knowledge for those wanting to expand their practice by seeking viable options for hair transplantation in their otherwise busy practice. This program is based on the identified felt needs and interests of a professional new to FUE and aims to promote appropriate changes in physician’s current practice through improved knowledge and skills. Darling Buds and the educational initiative promoters, Meditech India, ensure that there is scientific rigor, no instructor bias, and no commercial promotion during the training.

A limit of one candidate doctor and his/ her technician shall exist per month.

Orientation for Technologists

training2Each candidate for training is encouraged to get one technician along for better understanding the technician’s point of view while interacting with our ISHRS registered technical team headed by Ms Sandy Corr. The technologists are passed through all the stages of graft harvest, slivering, graft preparation and insertion, together with before and after patient care.

Mission Statement of the Darling Buds Educational Initiative

training4Darling Buds in association with Meditech India aspires to provide cutting edge educational activities and training in FUT and FUE methods of hair transplantation for physicians and their technicians dedicated to including viable state of the art hair transplant practices in their practice.

Faculty Disclosure

sm-photo021Our faculty disclosure policy requires faculty members to disclose to the audience any association, financial or otherwise, they may have with an equipment manufacturer, or a pharmaceutical firm which might pose a conflict of interest as regards their contribution to the academic activity.

Training Faculty

Dr Tejinder Bhatti, India
Dr Alex Ginzburg, Israel
Dr James Harris, USA
Dr Alex Ginsburg
Dr James Harris
Dr Alan Bauman
Dr K Ramachandran
Dr Arvind Poswal
Dr Patrick Mwamba
Dr Lars Heitmann

This unique and exhaustive training program in hair transplant surgery in general and FUE in particular has many takers from USA, Canada, Brazil, Australia and Europe. This is the only training program for hair transplant the world over which is certified. In 2010, 6 overseas doctors and 34 technical staff trained under Dr Bhatti since this training program is considered to be the best in the region.