Scalp Micropigmentation

A shaved head by choice, not by compulsion” – Tejinder Bhatti

Scalp micropigmentation is a technique whereby temporary micro-tattoos are made on the scalp mimicking a short buzz. By nature the tattoos are temporary since what may be a hairline at the age of 25, would look puerile as goals shift as a person advances in age. For example the narrow forehead with a low hairline though will suit a 22 year old will look puerile and invite stares in a 45 year old male.

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More and more youngsters think Bald is Beautiful !


“There is more felicity on the far side of baldness than young men can possibly imagine.”

Logan Pearsall Smith

For many men thinning hair causes anxiety and low self esteem. It goes without saying that few men claim to like going bald. It is hard to accept because it’s the first thing that everybody notices as you walk into a room, but now being bald may have its advantages.

Bald isn’t beautiful but it denotes power, denotes confidence and more importantly an attitude born of confidence in oneself. If you are visibly balding, shaving your head could make you feel better about it and give you more confidence. The downside is you come across as older and less attractive. A clean and shiny pate spells power and dominance.

According to a study by Albert Mannes a balding man himself an academic at the Wharton school of business at the University of Pennsylvania head shavers are regarded as more powerful than the hirsute because the look is associated with “hyper masculine” images such as soldiers and Hollywood action heroes namely Bruce Willis. As one woman put it masculinity has nothing to do with how much hair you have on your head, it’s how you interact with people that builds your personality. Research shows that bald men are enjoying more power and respect, but that doesn’t mean that you are handsome. They are viewed as more dominant and more masculine, but also less attractive and much older. So hair is still a symbol of beauty.

Why being bald spells power and dominance is yet to be figured out, but generally it is associated with traditionally masculine professions such as the military, police force, fire fighting, and more recently professional sports. A shaved head may also signal that a man is confident enough to give up his hair, as a full head of hair is valued in our culture. The choice to voluntarily shave off one’s head suggests that the person is secure enough not to need that trait. In countries like the United Kingdom the look might be associated with the ‘skinhead ‘culture and thus appears less desirable.

Men spend millions on hair transplants, pills, hair re growth serums and shampoos, but Mannes says save your money and shave it all. So men suffering hair loss may enhance both the dominance and attractiveness by shaving their hair He further says that it’s the “boldness” of the act of head shaving that feeds into the perception of dominance. You don’t judge a person on the basis of how much hair he has on his head, that’s how you would judge a lawn.

Bald men have figured out that the easiest way to fight male hair loss is to simply embrace it. Some people still think hair preening is culturally a feminine ritual, so balding men see their baldness as a sexual asset. So much hinges on the reproductivity of male follicles. If it happens to a third of all males, isn’t it time to simply accept the male pattern balding as a common by-product of maturation?
Nobody said it better than the British writer “