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Welcome to Dr. Bhatti’s Hair Transplant Clinic

Dr Tejinder Bhatti’s Darling Buds Clinic, located at Chandigarh, India, is today regarded as one of the first and best international clinics totally dedicated to FUE hair transplant. It is the first clinic in the world, previously doing 100% FUT hair transplants, to completely transform into a ‘FUE only’ hair transplant center as long back as 2009. You are witness to the fact that the world over this change over is being replicated in clinics which were earlier doing FUT only. For, FUE has become a force to reckon with due to quality hair transplant results giving enviable, reproducible results, case after case. Today, FUE is the procedure of choice of a discerning client like you and many more.

Dr Tejinder Bhatti believes that the following points are important to maintain a high level of a long-lasting patient- doctor relationship especially in the field of hair transplant.

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Dr Bhatti vs. Dr Feller (New York) FUE vs. FUT Debate of 2015

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“The day I chose Darling Buds I was happy. My happiness was greater when I met the doctor and his very professional team. And now, one year later, I am thrilled with my choice.” – Saurav Kulkarni, Pune” I thank Dr Tejinder Bhatti and his efficient team. Its been 4 months after the transplant and the lush hair growth has started to look wonderful and I am getting a lot of nice compliments. I have not told my friends that I have had a hair transplant done. Should !?” – Raghav Mantry, Mumbai)” It is a great clinic which has a world class unbeatable team of thorough professionals- that is Darling

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Charter of Patient Rights

Patients who come to Darling Buds under the care of Dr Tejinder Bhatti, Director, Darling Buds HTC, have a set of rights with which the staff and the Director himself are under oath to abide by. These principles have stood the test of time for our practice and we recommend them to all who train at this center before starting their hair transplant practice.“We at Darling Buds Hair Transplant are pleased to announce that DR KULWANT S BHANGOO MD FRCS (Eng,Ed,Glasgow) will be associated with our practice for cosmetic surgery procedures only.

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What after the Hair Transplant !

So you’ve finally had that long-awaited hair transplant, and you are ready to go home and start growing hair! Well, that’s great, but let’s slow down a bit and think about all the things that may help in insuring the best possible outcome for this procedure. Above all, follow the instructions you’ve been given; they are there for a reason, and much energy has been put into developing a set of guidelines for patients after FUE. After all, you have paid in money and time for the operation, and the doctor and his team have performed a meticulous and demanding procedure.

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Upcoming Consultation Dates

*Please reserve your time in advance by calling 9814531111 as limited appointments only can be given. Please deposit INR 1200 in the account as consultation fee. The consultation shall be for 30 minutes only.*





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