5 Points to be noted while repairing a Strip Scar.

A lot of my work entails repairing of FUT scars.
Most that come to me are very wide scars and the treatment in these cases mostly is scalp relaxation exercises followed by trichophytic reveion closure with z-plasty.
However every FUT scar today wants revision. Strip scars are not pleasing any more for contemporary hair styles that are very short at the back and sides.
Points to be noted while repairing are-
1. FUT scar revision entails camouflaging the scar by breaking the visual linearity. The scar remains the same. Only it is less visible. It is a mere trick for the eye!
2. I do not harvest above the scar so the hair above are not thinned and do not reveal the scar more.
3. Beard grafts are the best grafts to cover strip scars since they are thick and coarse and break the visual linearity better than thinner hair from the scalp or chest.
4. Grafts are placed vertically so the scar tissue can be bypassed and the root gets its nourishment from the near subdermal level.
5. SMP (scalp micropigmentation) should be considered as a valuable adjunct to graft camouflage.​