This is certainly a far cry from the days men accepted baldness. They now have ample options for restoring a receding hair line and hair loss. There is definitely a market out there for hair restoration. A recent survey showed that men fret more about their baldness than their bankruptcy or their bedroom performance. Hair loss is generally associated with ageing and the subtext of ageing is loss of strength and power. A big part of the hair loss problem is genetic and mind you it’s pretty hard to fight genetics.

Perhaps nowhere else in the world is one’s appearance tied to their profession quite like ‘Hollywood and Bollywood’. And for a celebrity the right hairstyle can shape careers and set the latest trends. All of us want to know why don’t celebrities have hair loss? All actresses have thick long beautiful hair, they never have bad hair days. Well the picture is more apparent now as you realize that celebrities also have hair loss and this in a way is a good sign as there is hope for all of us to have the most glamorous hair at affordable prices. The bottom line is that celebrities have the same options for hair restoration as the rest of us . The term “celebrity hair transplant” is used as the latest FUE technique is very convenient for them as it is less time consuming and the recovery is comparatively quicker.

Darling Buds Hair Transplant center run by Dr Tejinder Bhatti is one of the better known clinics for celebrity hair transplants. Dr Bhatti does exclusive hair transplant work to give his patients an amazing look.

There is s no going back now, though, with hair restoration no longer a taboo, the sky is the limit. The male desire to be more desirable has turned out to be utterly irrepressible. Men today are falling over themselves to spend a fortune, suffer pain and endure occasional ridicule in the pursuit of “looking fabulous.”

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