Our Strongest Argument in favor of FUE Technique

‘Cherry picking’ is yet another agricultural term used for the description of anagen selective hair transplant. It denotes the harvesting of ‘golden follicles’ (those that are in full bloom) in the anagen phase of growth. The advantage of harvesting these healthy follicles is that it leads to better growth over a shorter span with seemingly higher density with increased survival during transfer.

The golden follicles are selected either by mechanical selection or visual selection. In the former, the donor area is shaved 3 days prior to the proecdure. Since follicles other than those in the anagen growth phase are slow to grow, only the best will be available to harvest. In visual selection, high magnification is used to weed out poor quality available grafts.

This technique is the most effective way to move the very best grafts with fuller body and high survivability to the recipient site for the best results.

This selection is not possible by the FUT technique.