Our Clinic

1. Tell us something about your eco-friendly hair-transplant center? (How did it start, a brief description of the center etc.)

Darling Buds is now part of a bigger and more ambitious project the ‘Five Rivers Wellness Clinics’ in New Mohali.
It also houses Amulya Labs a state of the art Clinic Path Lab run by a well known Pathologist.
In today’s professional and legal milieu it is not possible to meet requirements of the Clinical Establishment Act by running a medical center in a part showroom or a one room booth like 99% hair transplant clinics in India and many other countries too.
To provide patient safety, a full time competent back-up team of anesthetists and physicians, lab support, critical care support and disabled friendly environment is a must.
Fire safety, Biomedical Waste disposal and treatment of medical effluent thtough sewerage and efluent treatment are very important for the safety of environment and the neighbouring dwellings and establishments. Medical waste and effluent can be life threatening and as responsible citizens of society it is our duty to have a safe disposal system. This cannot be accomplished in small establishments where there is paucity of space.
We also have a green building that conserves energy and saves water through water harvesting.
This effort is in keeping with the best international standards since our competitors in the field of hair transplant and cosmetic surgery in the West have established a high benchmark for us to emulate and our clients are a choosy lot in this regard.

2. What inspired you to initiate the same?

In my many visits abroad especially to the United States I have been visiting centers of excellence in cosmetic plastic surgery and have dreamed of establishing one in India since the past over 15 years.
I have worked relentlessly towards this goal and today we are in the process of establishing a world class enviable center that will be a prime center for the world. The objectives we have set shall take another two years to achieve but we are at it.

3. What are the distinct features of your hair-transplant center? (from environment as well
as technological point of view.)

My hair transplant clinic Darling Buds is regarded as the foremost center for patient safety, expertise and results the world over.
It is an international center with regional appeal. 
We use cutting edge techniques in minimally invasive hair transplant. It is not a ‘technician hair transplant centre’ like most the world over. I do most of the work in each procedure myself.
There is no FUT scar and the down time due to the minimally invasive nature of procedures is quite low. Such that those coming from as far away as North America for example can fly back after just 2 days of the procedure.
It is due to our unrelenting pursuit of excellence and patient safety and comfort that we are regarded as the leading ‘doctor run hair transplant clinic’ in Asia.

4. Do you have any plans of expansion for the same?

I do not believe in horizontal expansion. Many clinics spawn centers all over the country and even the Middle East. it is not possible in my field to delegate the procedure to another doctor who may have different skill sets when I will be doing the follow-up. If the patient comes seeking my skills, I feel it an honor and a responsibility to do the procedure myself. This is not possible by opening fresh centers. Cloning yourself to run these clinics simultaneously is even more difficult.

5. A piece of advice for the readers? (Something related to environment sustainability)

Due to our unique demographic stress and socio-political compulsions it is a challenge to run an environment friendly center. It takes a lot of time, dedication and committment on the part of the whole team to work in unison and create standards that will be safe and sustainable.
Water and plant conservation and use of biodegradable perishables have become an absolute must for us and our future generations to sustain  on this planet.

6. Facilities offered at Five Rivers?

For now, besides Darling Buds Clinic, we have a fully functional state of the art pathological laboratory run by Dr Amulya Bhatti, my wife. The lab also engages in hair loss research.
The cosmetic surgery center is soon coming up. We shall by next year have the accomodation to keep patients overnight. Admission is not required since ours is a Day-Care Center.
In the coming years, dermatological, dental, and other  facilities shall emerge.We hope to be a one-stop cosmetic surgery and dermatology clinic vying with the best in the world and leading in patient safety by example.

7. When did you felt the need of setting up Five Rivers?

Five Rivers is the culmination of my lifetime work in cosmetic plastic surgery. The region lacks a safe and ethical center which we seek to provide.