Scalp Micropigmentation

A shaved head by choice, not by compulsion” – Tejinder Bhatti

Scalp micropigmentation is a technique whereby temporary micro-tattoos are made on the scalp mimicking a short buzz. By nature the tattoos are temporary since what may be a hairline at the age of 25, would look puerile as goals shift as a person advances in age. For example the narrow forehead with a low hairline though will suit a 22 year old will look puerile and invite stares in a 45 year old male.

Who goes for SMP?

People who have extensive baldness and there is a paucity of scalp hair for covering the entire scalp in patients who will not be satisfied by anything short of a “head full of hair” look.

What do I need to know about SMP?

The one thing about SMP is once you get it done, your grooming has to have discipline. Once a day shave is a must since if you are lazy there will be a muismatch between your sides and back with the bald area for the simple reason that DOTS DON’T GROW.

Why go in for an SMP?

If you are bald and your face transverse dimension is more than or equal to 80% of the vertical dimension of the head, a shaved look will suit you. A shaved look does not suit clients who have a long face (or cut a long face LOL!!). The bald look is meant to mimic the bald look of a new born. It looks more youthful than even a person with full head of hair.

Will people know I have got an SMP done for my baldness?

People will not know that you have had an SMP procedure done if you continue to shave your head every day. It gives an impression to people that you have had a head shave out of choice and not by compulsion

How long will the SMP last?

SMP is made to last 2 years. The ink fades away as the ink particles are scavenged by the body’s macrophages. However, if a cheap dye is used, it may not disappear completely, and the skin has a permanent faded and pale “ Chelpark royal blue ink” smudged look.

What if I do not want to shave every day?

We have been doing low density hair transplant after 6 weeks of the SMP procedure.
The SMP is done first. We first draw the hairline and the patient gets the scalp filled with micro-tattoos at recommended SMP clinics around the world. The clinics preferred are Beauty Medical (Milena Lardi) and Skalp. They can be searched online. Also there are some stand alone SMP artists who do a wonderful job at a lower cost. Unfortunately, there is no good SMP clinic in India.
When the patien returns after 6 weeks, FUE harvest is done depending upon the availability of grafts and low density hair transplant 15-20 grafts per sq cm is carried out.

What is the advantage of undergoing FUE alongside SMP?

Even when you forget to shave  or when you are busy travelling, the planted hair in the bald areas will grow (though not as lush as the sides and back) and give an impression of uniformity of hair all over the head. Though the density is not enough, the untrained eye gets an illusion of normalcy by the fullness achieved with adjunctive SMP.

More and more youngsters think Bald is Beautiful !

What is SMP and what it does?
Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical method which replicates hair follicles or strands by using natural pigments at the dermal level of the scalp. SMP creates an illusion of a full head of hair giving it a natural appearance for those that wish to achieve this look. SMP can be used in many ways to meet the clients demands whether it is to cover a small area or give the appearance of a closely shaved head.

SMP restores the natural close-shaved look of hair follicles as well as hair strands to thinning hair, depending on the client’s needs it does so by providing both coverage and density. SMP treatment is beneficial for both males and females who suffer all types of hair loss regardless of colour, skin type, and age. It provides a permanent solution for camouflages of all forms of alopecia, hair thinning, receding hairlines, crown balding, scarring due to accidental, burn and birthmarks and even providing density to those who have had a hair transplant.

A good practitioner will take the time to study the client’s head and provide in-depth feedback. At Elixir Pigmentation London, your practitioner will not only study the area of concern but also evaluate the direction of the hair growth pattern, the pigmentation of the hair, and study the general condition of the scalp. The practitioner will record each pigment shade found on the client’s scalp to replicate a natural hairline, should the client go ahead with the treatment.

The practitioner will use a three point micro needle creating the smallest imprecisions of hair follicles, Elixir Pigmentation London will only use natural vegan friendly organic pigments, giving a longer lasting effect. These pigments will then be inserted by the micro needle into the first layer of the skin, the dermal layer. Unlike tattooing, SMP does not go further than the first layer of the skin and nor does the shade of the pigment change to a blue or green colour like some tattoos.

Each session will gradually build on a natural look, whereby the practitioner will replicate more hair follicles until the desired result is achieved. Clients usually require up to three sessions, each session lasts 3-4 hours depending on the look and scalp surface area that requires pigmentation. Clients will be given breaks during each session. Some clients also prefer to return to freshen up their look or perhaps make changes to their hairline, this is completely normal and can be discussed with your practitioner in your initial consultation.

Currently, SMP is more widely available and known in Europe and America, some clients from India prefer to fly in their practitioner privately for a treatment. However, at Darling Buds, Dr Bhatti has teamed up with Elixir Pigmentation London, by taking a step further to provide both SMP and hair-transplant as a solution to resolve any type of hair loss problem. Elixir Pigmentation London and Darling Buds work closely in ensuring client’s needs are met 100% to their expectation with guaranteed results. With Darling Buds you can rest assured that you do not have to bear the expenses of flying in a reputable SMP practitioner as Elixir Pigmentation London visit India regularly to carry out treatments in India.

You will be guided at every step, provided with all the necessary information, and will have regular contact with your practitioner to help build rapport, after all you will be spend a few hours together to achieve your desired look!

Why Elixir? Elixir Pigmentation London, provides the Gold standard service, whereby your initial practitioner will not only carry out your consultation but also carry out your procedure. At no given point will any part of the procedure be outsourced, ensuring that your treatment is fully pledged by Elixir’s commitment. Furthermore, our senior practitioners have their own personal hair loss story are in a position to not relate to your experience but to truly understand the extent. At Elixir we believe in order to really grasp one’s journey it is important to be compassionate and empathetic and to be honest with the patient.

Moreover, our practitioners have worked with both men and women from all different backgrounds, giving us a better understanding in what works best in terms of suitability. We provide detailed advice on what pigment shade we will use and why, we will analyse the area and provide honest feedback on density coverage and even advise you what type of hairline suits you.

We understand some clients may find SMP an expensive treatment and may seek this treatment elsewhere in India for a much cheaper price, but whether you choose Elixir Pigmentation London via Darling Buds or not, it is imperative that you research not only on the company but on the practitioner himself/herself. Fundamentally, you do not want determine your treatment on the basis of price, as it could mean your treatment may be carried out by an inexperienced individual who could possibly carry out many blunders. With treatments like hair-transplant, scalp micro-pigmentation it is imperative to determine your decision based on quality results, afterall it is a medical procedure.

It always worthwhile asking your practitioner whether you choose Elixir or not, a list of questions to help reassure yourself on the company’s credibility. Many SMP companies especially those based in Europe undergo various regulations in order to be qualified clinics, Elixir Pigmentation has and hence why have teamed up with one of the world’s leading hair-transplant clinics, Darling Buds to provide SMP in India.

If you feel you can benefit from SMP then why not contact us and we can arrange for a practitioner to have a friendly chat giving you a free consultation, we can answer all your queries and put your mind at ease, you can drop us an email at and we will take care from there.

Treatment available for

  • Alopecia
  • Hair Thinning (Densification for Male and females)
  • Receding Hairlines
  • Scar Camouflage (FUE, FUT, Accidental)
  • Other Hair loss Conditions (Please Enquire)

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