SPEX (Spencer Stevenson)


International Patient Advisor to Dr Bhatti



I’m “Spex” and I have been a long standing mentor within our hair
loss community for over 15 years.
I am Dr Bhatti’s international patient advisor and here to help and guide
all Dr Bhatti’s patients throughout their hair transplantation journey by answering all their
questions along the way.

I have put together my website too to provide you insight into
accurate and honest information I’ve personally gathered along
my 15 year investigation and fight with hair loss.

My intention is to pass on vital knowledge to facilitate your personal
journey, as I have accumulated phenomenal insight over the past decade
through my own journey and attempts with numerous products,
treatments and my 10+ hair transplant surgeries. Over the years it’s
become my plight to prevent others making the same mistakes I did.

I have interacted with and helped countless hair loss sufferers and
can help guide you too so please feel free to reach out to me directly
and I will do my very best to help answer your questions timely.

I very much look forward to helping in anyway I can so please
feel free to email me : support@spexhair.com and feel free to
visit my website : www.spexhair.com